Faculty in Residence Council

Reporting Line

Dean for Student Learning and Engagement and the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education

Composition of Membership

The council consists of the faculty-in-residence and faculty stewards appointed to each Baylor residence hall.

  • The Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • The Director for Campus Living and Learning
  • The Associate Director for Academic Initiatives
  • A representative of the Faculty Senate; if no current faculty-in-residence are members of the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Senate will appoint a representative to serve on the FIR Council
  • All faculty-in-residence selected each year by the council and a representative of Campus Living and Learning (either the Director of CL&L or the Associate Director for Academic Initiatives) serve as co-chairs of the council.
  • The faculty-in-residence and faculty stewards are appointed through an application/interview process by ad hoc committees organized by Campus Living and Learning.  These appointment committees generally consist of representatives of Campus Living and Learning administrative staff engaged in the living –learning program, faculty-in-residence, students, faculty partners, and in cases where the residence hall is sponsored by a residential college or living learning program, faculty members in the sponsoring academic unit.  The appointment committee recommends a faculty-in-residence candidate to the Provost and the Vice President for Student Life; the Provost and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Institutional Effectiveness interview the candidate and give final approval for the appointment. 

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Council of Faculty-in-Residence collaborates to assess and develop faculty leadership and engagement in the residential life of the university, both for faculty-in- residence and for faculty in partnering roles; integral to these meetings are discussions focused on faculty involvement in the long-term vision for living and learning at Baylor.  The council works as a resource for faculty and may also make recommendations to Campus Living and Learning and or the Faculty Senate in the areas related to the role of faculty in residential life.

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Barr, Beth Allison  History
Butler, Clay,  Vice Chair English
Choucair, Mona School of Education, English
Coker, Joe Religion
Demesa, Maricel Chemistry and Biochemistry
Garrett, Terri,   Chair Associate Director for Academic Initiatives
Jonklaas, Mark (Devan) Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kane, Bob Chemistry and Biochemistry
McAllister, Lesley School of Music
McMahan, Kelli HHPR
Norris, Bradley Entrepreneurship
Phillips, Brent School of Music
Pounders, Steven Theatre Arts
Sriram, Rishi Educational Administration
Thomas, Brian Electrical and Computer Engineering
Whitt, Jason Honors College