Communications/Media Committee

Reporting Line

The Communications/Media Committee reports to the Vice President for University Relations and the Associate Vice President for External Relations.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of twelve faculty members and one student representative. Due to a possible conflict of interest, the chair should not be from the Department of Journalism. Ex-officio member: Associate Vice President for External Relations.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

Reviews publication and non-print media proposals submitted by individuals and organizations to assure compliance with University publication guidelines and to provide quality control.

Committee Members, 2019-2020

Bates, Elizabeth Journalism
Beaujean, Alex Educational Psychology
Connally, Dale HHPR
Cook, Jason D. VP, Marketing and Communications
David,  Meredith Marketing
English, William Communication
Gutzweiller, Kevin Biology
Hoover, Madison  Student Representative
Kendrick, Jim, Chair Film and Digital Media
Mirabito, Ann M. Marketing
Moody-Ramirez, Mia N. Journalism
Polson, Clay School of Social Work
Sanford, Keith P. Psychology and Neuroscience