Campus Diversity Committee

Reporting Line

The Campus Diversity Committee reports to the Office of the President.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of the following members:

  • Six at-large faculty members selected by Committee on Committees
  • Five staff members selected by Staff Council
  • Two undergraduate students selected by the Student Body President
  • One graduate student selected by the Graduate Student Association
  • Ex officio: Chief of Staff to the President
  • Ex officio: Representative from Office of General Counsel
  • Ex officio: Representative of Multicultural Affairs
  • Ex officio: Equity Office
  • Ex officio: Representative from the Center for Global Engagement
  • Ex officio: Representative from the Provost’s Office
  • Ex officio: Representative from the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The committee's duties include the following:

  • Support and encourage campus wide diversity efforts by providing ideas and suggestions for programs that could benefit faculty, staff, and students.
  • Assist with implementation of ideas generated.
  • Establish criteria and review applications for campus diversity initiative grants.

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Bailey, Ashleigh Staff Council
Baker, Lori Provost's Office
Barone, Elise  Student Representative
Bay, Nolan Staff Council
Brown, Shirl  Manager of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Equity Office
Fagbola, Jayden  Student Representative
Gloeckner, Paige Communication
Goodwin, Katherine Graduate Student Representative 
Han, Kyongji Management
Henderson, Sam Theater Arts
Hernandez, Laura Law School
Hogue, Tiffany  Chief of Staff, President's Ofice
Jamshidi, Ida Staff Council
Kirby, Lauren Staff Council
Leis, Robert Center for Global Engagement
Malavanti, Karenna Neuroscience and Psychology
Ramirez, Daniel Staff Council
Riehl, Kit Office of General Counsel
Robinson, Jeronda,  Chair Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs
Shaw, Anna OALA
Walden, Dan English