Baylor University Press Committee

Reporting Line

The committee reports to the Provost and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Policy.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of twelve faculty members and one student representative. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Policy serves as an ex officio member.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Baylor University Press Committee serves as the editorial advisory board for the Baylor University Press. The committee serves in conjunction with the Director to establish editorial policies and select scholarly manuscripts to be published by the BUP.

  • The committee typically meets three times a year. Meetings during summer terms are held by email. Meetings typically last one to two hours.
  • The Director of the University Press sends out a thirty to forty-five page booklet describing proposed projects to all committee members prior to each meeting.
  • It is preferable that faculty members have some familiarity with one or more of the academic fields for which that the University Press publishes: philosophy, theology, rhetoric and religion, politics and religion, biblical studies, and popular culture and religion are the major fields. This would help the member review projects and enhance proposals. It has also proven helpful to have at least one or two who are from other disciplines.

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Aycock, David Interim Director, Baylor University Press
Beckwith, Francis Philosophy
Bennighof, James (Jim) Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Policy
Dodson, Derek Religion
Donnelly, Phillip Great Texts
Flowers, Elizabeth (Betsy) Religion
Gardner, Kevin,  Chair English
Glanzer, Perry Educational Leadership
Kendall, Diana Sociology
Landeros, Kayla Law School
Maurer, Peter Computer Science
Moore, Scott Great Texts
Oxhandler, Holly Social Work
Peterson, Billie Libraries & Academic Tech Services
Wages, Anna Louise  Student Representative