Admissions Committee

Reporting Line

The Undergraduate Admissions Committee reports to the Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of the following:

  • One faculty member selected by University Committee on Committees and a two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • Ex Officio: Representatives from UnderGraduate Admissions, the Paul L. Foster Success Center, and Student Financial Aid
  • Voting members
    • Senior Director, Student Financial Aid
    • Director, Student Sucess Initiatives
    • Faculty Member, Faculty Senate Appointee
    • Faculty Member, Faculty Senate Appointee
    • Faculty Member, Committee on Committees
  • Non-Voting members
    • Senior Director, Admissions Counseling
    • Director, International Admissions
    • Director, Admissions Counseling
    • 2 Associate Driectors of Admissions Counseling
    • Assigned Territory Admissions Counselors

Committee Charge Responsibilities

Responsible for reviewing admission decision appeals, approving general undergraduate admission policies and guidelines, giving counsel and feedback regarding admission practices.

Committee Members, 2019-2020

Browning, Blair Communication
Cohenour, Michelle Director, Student Success Initiatives
Gereghty, Jessica King, Chair Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment
Herridge, Mary Sr. Director of Admissions Counseling
Li, Yang ECS Electrical/Computer Engineering
Martin, Lisa Sr. Dir, Student Financial Aid
Richards, Keith Marketing