Academic Freedom and Responsibility Committee

Reporting Line

The Academic Freedom and Responsibility Committee reports to the Provost and to the Faculty Senate.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of twelve rotating faculty, including two members selected by the Faculty Senate. The Senate appointees need not also serve as elected members of the Faculty Senate, but one of the two Senate appointees must serve as chair. Moreover, the chair must be a tenured faculty member.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Academic Freedom and Responsibility Committee promotes a positive academic environment at Baylor; investigates issues of academic freedom and responsibility; makes recommendations concerning these matters to the Faculty Senate; and considers issues related to shared governance.

Committee Members, 2020-2021

Cook, Garrett Anthropology
Cronin, Vincent S. Geosciences
Easley, Richard Marketing
Harris, Helen Social Work
Korpi, Michael Film and Digital Media
McGlashan, Ann MLC German and Russian
Newberry, Byron Mechanical Engineering
Rossler, Kelly  Nursing
Tatum, Lynn Honors College
Tsang, JoAnn C. Psychology and Neuroscience
Underwood, Jim Law School
Zuniga, Melody Social Work