The faculty, staff, administrators, and students of Baylor University support a collegial system of shared university governance that assures and promotes university-wide representation and joint deliberation within the institution. A collegial system of shared university governance as defined as a communication process which encourages responsible participation and open discussion, and provides opportunities to present diverse points of view resulting in increased advice to the University administration for enhanced quality in decisions.

A representative and functional University committee structure serves to provide the clearest expression of thought and representation of the respective constituencies of the University. This structure must function as the primary mechanism for representative participation in shared University governance.

University Standing Committees

1. Definition: A University Standing Committee is one that has no stated termination date. It functions on an ongoing basis within the specific guidelines stated for that committee.

2. Membership: Membership on a University Standing Committee is defined by the stated criteria given for each committee. Individual committee members are selected by appropriate officers and representative bodies, as specified by the committee guidelines and by guidelines established by the officers and representative bodies. Replacements of members of University Standing Committees shall be selected by the appropriate constituent body and follow the membership guidelines established for that committee.

B. University Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

1. Definition: A University Ad Hoc Committee is a committee or task force that has a stated termination date.

2. Guidelines: An Ad Hoc Committee may not duplicate the function, duties, or responsibilities of any University Standing Committee. An Ad Hoc Committee functions on a short-term basis, has a clearly defined and specific goal or task, and has a clearly defined and stated membership structure.

3. Selection of Members of an Ad Hoc Committee: Selection of members of ad hoc committees must follow the guidelines established in the description of the committee.