Before You Drop -- Prehealth Students

The following considerations are important in advising Prehealth (Particularly Premedical) students in regard to dropping classes:

- "W" appearing on an otherwise strong transcript is largely insignificant. However, students should plan their course load, as well as semester schedule, carefully in order to avoid having multiple withdrawals appear on their records.

- Some professional schools' admissions counselors regard a course withdrawal as an indication that the student may not be capable of handling the work expected of them by their professor in a certain class, or is a poor planner. As such, the "W" designation can raise a red flag.

- Another consideration is that students will not be allowed to choose professors or drop classes in [medical school], and will be forced to persevere regardless of outcome.

- Generally, The Office of Prehealth Studies discourages students from dropping classes until they have made every effort to raise their grade, and are convinced that earning a passing grade is not possible.

- The Office of Prehealth Studies does not recommend that students drop a class according to the guidelines above, or repeat a class for which they are able to earn a C or better.

There are no hard and fast rules to follow on the subject of dropping classes, but in order to follow best practices in prehealth advising strategies; it has been found that withdrawing from classes diminishes a student's chance for acceptance into health professions institutions (i.e. medical school, dental school, etc.).