CHE 1301 Prerequisite Information

If you plan to take Chemistry (CHE) 1301 at Baylor, you may be asked to complete an online course called ALEKS as a prerequisite. ALEKS, which stands for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces, will assess your knowledge of the course topic and then provide custom tutoring, ensuring you are prepared to begin CHE 1301.

Do I need to take Chemistry (CHE) 1301?

CHE 1301 is required for several majors and programs. If you plan to complete one of the majors or program on this list, you must take CHE 1301. *List of Majors and Programs*

Who must take ALEKS?

Before you can take CHE 1301, you must meet one of the following prerequisites:

1. Have scored 24 or above on the ACT Math section

2. Have scored 550 (old) or above or scored 580 (new) or above on the SAT Math section

If the ACT Math score is less than 24 or the SAT Math score is less than 550 (old) or less than 580 (new), students must  complete the ALEKS for Chemistry exam and earn 85% mastery or higher before they can register in Chemistry 1301.  Students should be sure their final ACT or SAT scores have been sent to Baylor and entered on their record.

This prerequisite does not apply to students who receive credit by exam for CHE 1301 or transfer an equivalent course to Baylor.

When must my ALEKS course be completed?

The course must be completed before you can register for CHE 1301

How can I be successful in taking ALEKS?

We have some tips to help you succeed with your ALEKS experience. To read those, click HERE.

How do I get started?

The link below gives you access to the ALEKS online course. You will need your Baylor ID number to create your account in ALEKS so please have it handy. Entering your Baylor ID in the appropriate field will expedite the transfer of your score to Baylor.

Ready to get started? Go to the Quick Start Guide and follow the direction there.

What if I need more time to reach proficiency?

Students can purchase access beyond the initial 12-week course by using the access code for Extended Access in the Quick Start Guide.