How to Read a Degree Audit

Here is some detailed information that we hope will be useful to you as you review degree audits and as you assist students in interpreting their own audits. Click here to review section-by-section a typical degree audit with detailed notes about each component: Please note that while some of this information is accurate for the Bachelor of Arts degree only, there are several sections that might appear on any degree audit: DEGREE AUDIT GUIDE

Click here for general information about degree audits and a list of the codes found on an audit:
Degree Audit Information and Codes

If you still have questions regarding a degree audit, you may wish to contact:

  • the degree planner in the appropriate school or college
  • the staff of CASA (College of Arts and Sciences Advisement)
  • Kathy Mulkey, Records Degree Audit Coordinator, Academic Records Office
  • the staff of University Advisement