Before You Drop a Course

Want to drop a course? Read this first.

You may drop a course without advisor approval through the 12th class day.

You will be able to drop courses via BearWeb with advisor approval from the 13th class day through the 50th class day, which is the last day to drop a class or withdraw from the University for the semester. See all Registrar's Drop Dates on the Office of the Registrar web page.

You must complete the Course Drop Request before you meet with your advisor.

Once your advisor approves a course to be dropped:

  • You will receive an email and will have a 72-hour window to drop the course in BearWeb.
  • If you fail to drop the course within the 72-hour window, you will need to contact the advisor again for approval.
  • A $40 schedule change fee will be added to your account.
  • Drops processed during this time period will result in a “W” notation for the course(s) on the transcript.

BearWeb will not allow you to drop all of your courses or your last remaining course.*

*NOTE: Dropping your entire schedule is considered a University Withdrawal and must be initiated through the Student Success Center.