Before You Drop a Course

Want to drop a course? Read this first.

You may drop a course without advisor approval through the 12th class day.

You will be able to drop courses via BearWeb with advisor approval from the 13th class day through the 50th class day, which is the last day to drop a class or withdraw from the University for the semester. See all Registrar's Drop Dates on the Office of the Registrar web page.

Once your advisor approves a course to be dropped:

  • You will receive an email and will have a 72-hour window to drop the course in BearWeb.
  • If you fail to drop the course within the 72-hour window, you will need to contact the advisor again for approval.
  • Drops processed during this time period will result in a “W” notation for the course(s) on the transcript.

BearWeb will not allow you to drop all of your courses or your last remaining course.*

*NOTE: Dropping your entire schedule is considered a University Withdrawal and must be initiated through the Center for Academic Success and Engagement in the Success Center.

Before requesting to drop a class, please consider the following:

  • Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy - A student can only attempt any one course up to three times. A “W” counts as an attempt. Students who receive a grade or a “W” notation cannot take this course at another institution. Some majors will have stricter repeat policies. Check your catalog for specific details.
  • Pre-professional Program Advice - Prehealth information is at You can find information concerning Prelaw at
  • Emotional and Mental Toll - When you add the dropped class to a future semester, you should consider the potential emotional and mental toll this increased workload may have on you and plan accordingly.

Be sure to contact Baylor One Stop at or call 254.710.2611 to be sure there is no immediate impact to your financial aid.

While there may be no immediate impact to you or your financial aid after dropping a class, there are long-term impacts that you should consider:

  • Academic Scholarship Conditions - If you are an undergraduate student, dropping a class that is required to graduate will require you to take that class (or an equivalent) at some point in the future. If this results in adding a 9th semester to your coursework, it could have an unexpected financial impact if any academic scholarships have been exhausted. If you are not sure or have questions about this, you can visit the Financial Aid dashboard in a BearWeb to view the terms and conditions of any academic scholarships you have been awarded, or contact Baylor One Stop at or call 254.710.2611.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid - You must consider the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy ( and how a dropped class could impact your SAP status. Dropping a class could impact your earned semester hours, GPA, or pace requirements as detailed in the policy. This is especially important if you are already on SAP Warning Status as failure to meet SAP requirements. Dropping a course while on SAP Warning may cause you to be ineligible for financial aid in the future. If you have any questions about your SAP status, contact Baylor One Stop at or call 254.710.2611..
  • Refund Schedule - You can find the drop/add fee listed on the Baylor website at
  • Potential Financial Impacts - If you plan to repeat a class in a future term, you must consider the financial implications if this additional class changes your enrollment status or if you are in a part time or graduate program that bills by credit hour.