Before You Drop a Course

So, you are wanting to drop a class. Before you do so, take some time to read over the information below.

Once the add/drop area closes in BearWeb, students must obtain required signatures from an academic advisor. The best way to find this information is in your BearWeb account under the Student Academic Services tab, in the Advising menu area. For a complete list of specific dates for dropping and adding courses, please visit the Registrar's Drop Dates page.

Be aware that a class is not considered officially dropped until you deliver your "Add / Drop" form to the Office of the Registrar on the third floor of Robinson Tower. You must attend class regularly until that time. Adding a class back into your schedule after it has been dropped is not always possible - the class may be full or the last day to add may have passed.

Prior to contacting the advisor, students must complete all information on the Before You Drop A Course checklist and on the Add/Drop Form It is important for you to understand the implications of dropping a class and whether dropping is the best action for your situation. Review and be prepared to answer the questions below before you meet with the advisor. You may also need to talk to your parents, your financial aid counselor, a department administrative assistant, or the instructor of the class before you can answer these questions.