What Classes Should I Take?

MOST degrees are composed of three parts:
  • Core requirements that are common to all majors within the same degree.
  • Major requirements that are a set of courses corresponding to the chosen major.
  • Electives are courses chosen to reach minimum hours for the completion of a degree.

Due to specialized majors and programs there are few, if any, common degree elements. Therefore, it would be helpful to chart out the different majors of interest using the three parts of a degree.

  • Look for any common courses first.
  • Most majors require foreign language.
  • Many majors require different math courses, so it may be best to wait on math.

The number of elective hours will be determined by the major or program. But it might be a way to determine interest in a certain area to take a beginning course.

Use all available tools:

  • Study the undergraduate catalog to compare majors and basic requirements.
  • Review and compare the MAPs for majors you are considering.
  • Study the degree audits (on Bear Web) which show classes completed, in progress, and still needed.
  • See an academic advisor for individual and personal information.