For New Transfer Students - Spring 2020

Been accepted? Paid your deposit?

Follow these next steps in your goBaylor account to ensure timely advising and registration for classes.

● Check your transfer courses evaluation.

Are all transfer courses and credit by exam on your record? If you have not yet submitted all your transcripts, check the Equivalent Course Tool (ECT) to compare the courses at the school you are attending to the Baylor courses.

● Submit the New Student Advising Questionnaire.

Access to the New Student Advising Questionnaire will be available in goBaylor beginning November 1, 2019. The self-reported information on the questionnaire of all expected college credit is critical to ensure accurate academic advising.

● Confirm your degree, major, and educational goals are correct.

Need to change your degree and/or major? Contact your Admissions counselor or enter the change in the New Student Advising Questionnaire.

● Submit your bacterial meningitis vaccine record.

You may be advised, but you cannot register for classes until your bacterial meningitis record is received and entered by Baylor Health Services

You’ll soon be ready to connect with your academic advisor.

Who is my advisor?

Your academic advisor is assigned for your major and/or program. Some areas have pre-majors until students complete requirements to declare the full major, like Pre-Business, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Psychology etc. You may have optional advisors in programs like pre-law or pre-med, but you are not required to meet with them to register for classes.

How do I find my advisor?

After you deposit and receive a student record at Baylor, your advising contact information will be in BearWeb under > Student Academic Services > Advisement, where you will find a link to your advising web page. You will see a general email or phone number as well as the location of the advising office and hours of operation. Also, your advisor will find you. Expect an email from your assigned advisor in your Baylor email account giving you instructions about scheduling an advising appointment and registering for classes about mid-November.

What resources are available to help me prepare for advising?

A placement exam may be required or recommended. For some students, English, Chemistry, or Math placement exams may be required. The background information in foreign language on the New Student Advising Questionnaire is especially important for foreign language placement. Your advisor can explain how you may be able to complete the language requirement in fewer semesters if you have not already received credit.

The Baylor Undergraduate Catalog is an invaluable resource which provides detailed information about University policies, degree and major requirements by academic unit, and course descriptions.

How can I make schedule changes?

After you register for classes, you are eligible to add classes through the 5th class day on BearWeb. If you have questions or need assistance, contact your academic advisor.