Make an Advising Appointment


The first step is to be sure your major is correct in BearWeb. If the major is correct, you should be able to see your advising area in BearWeb as well along with a link to a page with instructions on how you will be able to make your advising appointment.

Begin the process early! This is especially important for students who are required to be advised by more than one area or department. Waiting until the week of registration to make an advising appointment could delay class registration because of the large number of students needing advisement. Make sure you know your assigned day and time slot to register during the Early Registration period. Your registration day is listed each semester in BearWeb.

Once you have been advised in your area(s), return to the Advisement Contact Information area in BearWeb to confirm that your advising "flag" has been updated.


Keep in mind that an ADVISING FLAG is different from a REGISTRATION HOLD! Students should check BearWeb to make sure all advising requirements have been met AND that there are no registration holds that will prevent registration!