Degree Audits

DARS (Student Degree Audits)

What is DARS?

DARS is a computerized system that monitors a student's progress towards graduation. DARS produces a degree audit to track the completion of degree requirements as specified by the Baylor University Catalog.

What are the benefits of DARS?

Provides immediate, updated access to a student's progress toward graduation. Access is available to students, advisors and graduation check-out personnel.

Provides accurate advisement information via paper audits or on-line access for each student.

Allows for program simulation for major changes. Advisors can assist students in asking "What If..." and get immediate information about the effect of changing majors. It is now possible for students to run their own "what if" audits.

Provides clarity and consistency of degree requirements.

Provides automatic calculation of major GPA's for degree check-out.

How do I get a degree audit?

Students may access their degree audits through Bear Web. (Remember: Bear Web is not "real time" so any change made in the last three weeks may not be reflected. You may need to see your academic advisor for a more current audit.) Academic advisors may view audits for their assigned students via the new Unified Advising System.

How do I read my audit?

On Course organizes the degree requirements in three major sections:

The key to reading the audit is to scan the "YES" and "NO" column on the far left side. All requirements that are complete will have a "YES". (Some will have a "NA". These are also considered complete.) Incomplete requirements will show a "NO". You can click on the box next to the "YES" or "NO" and the audit will take you directly to that requirement.

Each requirement will list how many sub-requirements have been completed and how many are still needed. A "+" means the sub-requirement is complete. Incomplete sub-requirements will have a "-".

Some audits will have a "WORK NOT APPLICABLE" section. These courses are counting in the total hours and GPA; they're just not needed for the particular degree plan.

What if I have questions?

Any questions or concerns regarding the degree audit may be directed to your academic advisor or to a degree planner in the appropriate school.

DARS Degree Audit Codes, Terms, and Symbols

A, B+, B, C+, C, D, F - Standard grades for undergraduates
TA, TB, TC, TD, TP - Transfer course grades
I - Incomplete grade
CR - Credit for credit/no credit course
P - Passing grade for a pass/fail course
FA - Failing grade for a pass/fail course
DP - Dropped course, passing
DF - Dropped course, failing
MG - Missing grade
WP - Withdraw from university, passing
WF - Withdraw from university, failing
WV - Waived course or hours. ("Pseudo course" used for waived hours eg. ENG 3ELE, ENG BA MJ2)
RGRP - Registered, repeating course
RGIP - Registered (in progress) course
RP - Repeated (Duplicated) course (appears after the course grade)
>D - Course is registered to be repeated. Hours are 0.0 (not counting toward hours), but grade is still in the GPA (appears after the course grade)
>X - Course has been repeated and replaced. Hours are 0.0 (not counting toward hours) and it is not included in the GPA .(appears after the course grade)
>S - Course hours split between sub-requirements (appears after the course grade)
PROCESSED AS: - Course has been renumbered and DARS is reading it as the new course. Most often with language course.
01.3 SPA 2302 3.0 B PROCESSED AS: SPA 2320
MATCHED AS: - The course has been petitioned to count as another course. 01.3 SPA 4302 3.0 A MATCHED AS: SPA 4330
OK - Requirement is complete.
NO - Requirement is not complete.
NA - Requirement is not needed to complete degree (not applicable)
+ - Sub-requirement is complete.
- - Sub-requirement is not complete.
* - Sub-requirement is not looking for hours.
===== (dashed double line) - Separates requirements

DIVISIONAL COMMENTS - This section may be at the bottom of the audit. It includes a summary of petitions that have been posted to the audit, but those petitions will show above in the degree requirements of the audit. The "WORK NOT APPLICABLE" section is the last section of requirements for the degree.