In 2013, the Provost’s task force for academic advising at Baylor charged students and advisors to reach certain outcomes. One of those outcomes stated that students will include in their educational program a set of coordinated co-curricular experiences. What does this mean?

Co-curricular experiences are those activities that enhance and are closely linked to the classroom experience. There are a variety of activities that can be considered when planning co-curricular experiences. Below are some examples of co-curricular activities that can be considered as you plan.

Study abroad


Career-centric student organizations

External organization

External memberships

Conference attendance

Shadowing opportunities

As you plan your co-curricular activities, you can get help in your planning from your academic advisor. In addition, you can visit some of these organizations across Baylor.

Study Abroad Office

Pre-law Coordinated

Pre-health Office

Student Activities

Career & Professional Development

Your academic department