How To Schedule an Exit Interview

  • Incoming Junior Scholars should register for the course Exit Interview HNR (UNSC 3001-U1) along with your other courses for the fall.
  • You will need to ask an outside faculty member (possibly your thesis director) to serve on the exit interview committee.
  • You will also need to ask a senior University Scholar who has successfully completed the interview to serve on the exit interview committee.
  • At the beginning of the semester, you will receive an email with instructions for selecting a date and time for your exit interview.
    • Confer with your outside faculty member and senior Scholar to select an available time and date online.
    • Then submit the names and your approved reading list via the form linked in the email you received from the UNSC office manager.
    • You will be assigned a UNSC director to form the third member of your interview committee.
  • One week prior to the Exit Interview, you must confirm by email the date and time with the three interviewers and the UNSC office, re-attaching the final reading list.
  • Arrive at the UNSC Office fifteen minutes before your scheduled exit interview to receive your room assignment in Morrison Hall where you will meet with the rest of the committee.

If a Scholar's performance falls short, a second Exit Interview covering the same content may be taken during the next scheduled period.