How To Schedule an Exit Interview

  1. At least 30 days in advance, Scholars contact outside professor and schedule a date/time.
  2. Contact a senior Scholar who has already passed the interview and who is available at that date and time.
  3. Scholars should then immediately email the UNSC office to request that examination time. Contact the office as soon as possible and at least three weeks prior to the desired interview date. Provide the following information in this email:
    • the desired date and time of the interview,
    • the names of the outside professor and the senior University Scholar, and
    • the reading list to be examined. A signed, approved copy should also be in your file in the UNSC office.
  4. The office manager will assign a UNSC director to lead the committee and email the full committee the location and room number of the interview. Contacting the office later than three weeks before the desired date may make it impossible to convene a full committee; in this case, the student will need to reschedule.
  5. One week prior to the Exit Interview, the Scholar confirms by email the date, time, and place with the three interviewers and the UNSC office, re-attaching the final reading list.

If a Scholar's performance falls short, a second Exit Interview covering the same content may be taken during the next scheduled period.