Independent Reading List

The Independent Reading List (Freshman through Junior Year)

In addition to the texts studied in the Great Texts courses, Scholars select a number of texts that they will read on their own during the first three years of the program (a list of approved texts appears below).

Independent Reading List Selections

The numeral after each title indicates the number of Reading Units (Rus) assigned to that text. Directors may also approve certain selections from lengthy works and assign an RU value based on the amount of material read-thus the designation "1-3" or "1-4." The Independent Reading List should total approximately 20 Reading Units in each of the three periods: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, and Modern (10 Rus from Early Modern and 10 Rus from Later Modern) for a total of 60 Rus. Since the independent readings intend to broaden the Scholar's knowledge, selections must be limited to 3 Reading Units by the same author, or 4 at most if approved by a director. Concentrated readings in one author should be reserved for the senior thesis. If a student wishes to read a text that does not appear on the UNSC reading list, the text must be approved by a program director.

Scholars must present the entire 60 points of their reading list for approval at the advisement appointment in the fall of their freshman year or at their first advisement appointment if they enter the program at a later date. Modifications to these lists are possible with a director's approval. The reading selections are not required to reflect a student's concentration, but they should set an agenda for personal enrichment during the Scholar's undergraduate years.

Texts read in college course work cannot be included in the independent reading list. However, texts not read in their entireties in UNSC or BIC courses may be completed for reduced credit, with the approval of a director.

Scholars should follow the standard format for the independent reading list found below:

Reading List Sample

To be official, lists must be signed and dated by both student and director, and the points for each period must be totaled. If students wish to make subsequent changes, they must submit a new list and have it signed by a director.