University Scholars Senior Thesis

Scholars fulfill the UNSC thesis requirement by completing the Honors Thesis and should coordinate their thesis preparations with the Honors Program Office. All Honors Program deadlines and requirements apply to UNSC thesis students.

Honors thesis course hours (HON4V87: Honors Thesis) are required for a total of 4 hours.

For the following items, you must submit a copy to the UNSC office for your file.

Thesis Précis
Within 30 days of the Exit Interview, the Scholar must submit a précis and outline with a timetable (1-2 pages) of the thesis to their thesis director, copied to the University Scholar's office. For the format of the précis, go to: Sample Thesis Précis.

• Abstract
A one-paragraph abstract of the thesis due February 1 in the semester in which you plan to finish your thesis