Student News

March 30, 2005
Last summer, Becky Shumake, an MDiv/MSW student, wrote a proposal to the Texas Workforce Commission for funds to develop resources for workforce boards in our area to help poor families who are working but not making enough money to escape poverty. Becky wrote a proposal, and it was funded--$200,000 worth to help poor families in this community. Moreover, her proposal sparked a state-wide effort.

Krissi Vandagriff, another dual MDiv/MSW student, is doing an internship at Christian Women's Job Corps or CWJC. CWJC helps poor women develop the work skills to support themselves and their families, with the support of volunteers. Krissi wrote a grant--her first attempt--to the Cooper Foundation for funds to support a staff member to work with those volunteers so that they can be more effective in helping poor women. And the Cooper Foundation awarded $26,000.

Lewis Franklin a current MDiv student is co-author of two articles published in major peer-reviewed journals.

Rowatt, W. C., Franklin, L., & Cotton, M. (2005). "Patterns and personality correlates of implicit and explicit attitudes toward Christians and Muslims." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 44:29-43.

Rowatt, W. C., & Franklin, L. (2004). "Christian orthodoxy, religious fundamentalism, and right-wing authoritarianism as predictors of implicit racial prejudice." International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 14:125-138.
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