Truett Seminary Celebrates Record Fundraising Year

July 1, 2022
Truett Seminary at Sunrise

At the close of the 2020-2021 fiscal year, Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary became the first academic unit at Baylor to reach and exceed its Give Light campaign goal. While certainly an exciting achievement, this success did not slow down Truett fundraising efforts nor did it reduce generosity from supporters. Instead, Truett Seminary is now celebrating a record fundraising year with gifts totaling $20.4 million in 2021-2022.

“The ongoing generosity and magnanimity that supporters—including individuals, churches, denominations, and foundations—have shown and continue to shower on Baylor’s Truett Seminary is a grace for which we are most grateful,” said Todd D. Still, PhD, DeLancey Dean and Hinson Chair of Christian Scriptures at Truett. “Even as God loves a cheerful giver, we love our school and those who graciously and generously support us.”

This past year, the majority of gifts to Truett Seminary have been designated for student scholarships. Following the significant seminary tuition reduction announced in November 2021, Truett has continued to prioritize affordability for students. The Seminary now enjoys the benefit of over 345 endowed student scholarships, with 13 raised in the last year. Endowed scholarships make a significant impact by creating a reliable source of ongoing funding, thereby helping to defray significantly the cost of a Truett education for both present and future students.

In particular, this last year saw encouraging interest and support around Truett’s recently launched Wesley House of Studies, including a $1.5 million gift to establish The William J. Abraham Endowed Chair through the Baylor Illuminate Chair Matching Program and a $1 million gift to establish the Wooley Family Endowed Scholarship for Wesley House students.

Entering into the 2022-2023 fiscal year, student scholarships and support remain Truett’s top priority. As enrollment increases, scholarship needs increase as well. Incoming students consistently list scholarships as an important factor in their decision to attend Truett, and the Seminary will continually seek to remove financial barriers to theological education for those sensing a call to ministry.

“Truett Seminary aspires to excel in equipping faithful, thoughtful leaders for the twenty-first century Church and world. In order for this grand vision to be a lived reality, we must not only offer a high-quality, accessible theological education, we must do so at an affordable price,” Dean Still added. “This is a perpetual challenge, but one that we must and can continue to address together. Endowed student scholarships are a primary way toward that good end.”

In addition to student scholarships, Truett is also seeking support for new and growing programs, such as the Faith & Sports Institute and the Program for the Future Church. Initiatives like these contribute to ministry training, cutting-edge research, and real-world impact both in churches and in ministries working alongside the Church.

The past several years of Truett Seminary’s outstanding fundraising success are a testament to the ongoing commitment of friends and alumni to theological education—particularly the quality, mission-oriented theological education offered at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary. To those who have already chosen to support Truett Seminary, thank you. To those who are interested, we welcome you to come alongside us and partner with Truett through a gift. To learn more about giving to Truett Seminary, contact Director of Development Jon Sisk at or 254-715-6124 today.

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