Celebrating Nancy Floyd's 40th Work Anniversary

July 21, 2021
Nancy Floyd

July 21, 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of Assistant to the Associate Dean Nancy Floyd's time at Baylor University. To celebrate this significant milestone, we are sharing 26 notes of gratitude for Nancy, marking the 26 of her 40 years in service at Truett Seminary.

"I’ve had the privilege to work with Nancy closely in the associate dean’s office for 11 years. She has been both colleague and friend as we’ve worked together over these years. Those who know Nancy know her to be of generous spirit; she is tireless in her efforts to serve both faculty and students alike. Her service to Truett since its inception has no doubt been formative in shaping the ethos of this place. Her fingerprints are all over Truett, and we have been the beneficiaries of her manifold contributions."
--Dennis Tucker, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

"Ms. Nancy, thank you for your investment in the lives of many students through your surrendered life of service at Truett Seminary. Your calm professional presence and sensitive attention to the needs of those you serve have and will continue to impact God's Kingdom. Please accept this brief note of encouragement and celebration with all of my gratitude! May God's richest blessings be poured out on you and yours as you remain faithfully His."
--Mark Towns, MDiv '07, DMin '17

"I have only been in your office one time but you seem like THE BOSS. With that being said, you were so patient and helpful. You really made me feel cared for. Thank you for all that you have done over the past 40 years for students just like me!"
--Chase Haney, Current Student

"You made my life at Truett Seminary a memorable one. I remember how one particular day you brought me food when you heard that I was sick. God bless you for your service to all."
--James Paxman Boadu, MDiv '11

"Nancy! Your beautiful smile and easy going personality were a welcoming and encouraging presence. I was always amazed that you remembered my name even though, as a DMin student, I was only at Truett for twice a year seminars. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face smile upon you."
--Robbi Francovich, DMin '06

"Nancy, you are such an awesome boss. Thank you for taking care of me, not just as an employee, but as a friend. I have learned a lot from you in terms of treating everyone with love and kindness."
--Solange Balikunde, Current Student

"Nancy, congrats on serving 40 years at Baylor!! I only got to spend 3 years with you, but during that short time, you became one of my very favorite people! You are constantly seeking ways to celebrate those around you, whether it be the big moments or very mundane days. Thank you for teaching me to find joy in the little things as you radiate joy everywhere you go! I could always count on you for a good, deep laugh. When I first started working in Academic Services, you immediately made Truett feel like home. I thank my God every time I remember you."
--Claire Kent, MDiv '21

"Nancy, you always made your office one of the most welcoming and helpful places among many at Truett. Friendly and supportive hospitality were always the best descriptors. Being with you was simply being in the presence of the gospel. Thanks!"
--Charlie Fuller, MDiv '20

"Nancy! Thank you for your many years of service, kindness, love, generosity, zeal, and leadership. Baylor and Truett are better because of you."
--Elizabeth Bounds, MDiv '20

"Nancy, thanks for always making me feel so welcome. I love your creativity around Mary Kay. Thank you for your dedication to God into his future ministers. We continue to carry the light that you shared with us to others! Blessings for the journey God continues to have for you!"
--Amber Lehman Myers, MSW/MDiv '12

"Thank you so much for all the ways you have and still serve the Truett family! You are such a light to us all. Truett wouldn't be the same without you!"
--Savannah Green, Current Student

"Dear Nancy, Happy Anniversary. It was my pleasure to be your friend at Truett Seminary. Working with you during the summer of 2019 was also a precious time. Thank you for teaching me when I did not know what to do and sharing snacks/tea/coffee with me. Also, thank you for your kindness and niceness. May the Lord be with you and bless you."
--Eric Hsiao, MDiv '19

"Nancy, you are the quality of colleague with whom all hope to work! While your job is busy and complex, as each of us in the building barge into your work space daily, you are unfailingly kind, funny, and always helpful when help is needed. In a building of ministers and those preparing for ministry, you exemplify the fruits of the Spirit and a Christ-like attitude for all of us! Thank you! Congrats on your anniversary!"
--Matt Homeyer, MDiv '07

"Nancy has been instrumental in my life from the time I was a student almost 20 years ago. I am so grateful for her!"
--John Burk, MDiv '04

"Nancy, your fun-loving spirit, laughter, and concern for students has filled the halls of Truett back to the days at FBC Waco. Your ministry to students, staff, and faculty has been a very important part of the warmth and personal touch that has become an integral aspect of Truett's ministry that extends far beyond the classroom. I remember you helping students find housing and money for food, caring for them when they were sick, and encouraging them. Your patience and kindness have not gone unnoticed but have graced the lives of many students. Thank you for your hospitable spirit and your compassionate heart."
--Tiffani Harris, MDiv '01

"Nancy, congratulations on 40 years at Baylor University! When we think of our favorite places, we often think of beautiful spaces like the chapel or courtyard of Truett Seminary. Such sacred spots only stay sacred if they are stewarded by people who shine bright with the love, kindness, and grace of Christ. You have been and remain one of those people. Thank you for being a beam of light in one of my favorite sacred places!"
--Taylor Sandlin, MDiv '04, DMin '13

"Dear Nancy, my wife (Viviana) and I are deeply grateful for you. You were a friendly presence since we arrived at Truett from Colombia. You took us grocery shopping. I remember that we were struggling with the cold winter in Waco and you gave us a ride to buy a jacket. We now live in California. Gracias for your love and care. Blessings."
--Julian Andres González Holguin, MDiv '10

"Congratulations, Nancy, on 40 brilliant years of service. Your joy, your care, and the reminiscences you shared about your time in BUGWB(!) made a tough scholarly program a joy! As you and Marty opened your home to my family, you showed how much you cared for all of us at Truett. With friendship and deep appreciation."
--Jay Smith, MDiv '99

"Nancy truly embodies what it means to love with Christ-like love! She has a generous spirit and cares for the students, staff, and faculty in so many unseen ways. I admire her so much. Her great sense of humor and infectious laugh bring joy to Truett Seminary every day!"
--Jo Ann Sharkey Reinowski, MDiv '04

"Wow! 40 years! I was the grad assistant for Dr. Creed and I worked in the office with Nancy. We would laugh and have so much fun. What great memories."
--Eric Hammer

"Nancy, you’ve always been such a delight! Your sweet smile and contagious laugh always brightened my day. Thank you for being you."
--Ashley Adams, MDiv '17

"Nancy, your dedication to your work is exemplary! Congratulation on your 40 years of committed and selfless service to humanity, especially to those of us from Africa. You adopted William and I as part of your family. Thank you for making a difference in our lives while at Truett and the lives of many other international students. Happy work anniversary!"
--Margaret Harvey, MDiv '17

"Nancy, you have been a friend and a blessing to our family for a long time! Congratulations from all the Jacksons!"
--Howard Jackson, MTS '16

"Congratulations, Nancy! What stands out to me about Nancy is how even when facing difficulty, Nancy is quick to speak of the Lord and tell how He is always faithful to provide her needs. One special memory is when she shared how a squirrel nested in her attic. Despite the calamity, she was joyful and had a big smile on her face."
--Wes Mullins, Current Student

"I remember starting Truett in the fall of 2011, and I was pregnant with my first and only child. I was terrified about seminary and spent a good chunk of that first semester dealing with all of the not-so-fun morning sickness, etc. Nancy was such a huge help to me. I would walk by her office when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and she would encourage me. Her desk was covered in teddy bears and she always had a smile on her face. I felt like she was a ray of sunshine when my nauseated self wanted to quit. After my son was born, I took him to her office to meet her, and I loved that she had been praying for him (and me) since the beginning. Nancy is a minister in her own right, and I'm grateful to have crossed paths with her."
--Sarah Miller, MDiv '14

"It is hard to imagine Baylor’s Truett Seminary without Nancy Floyd. Her sacrificial, steadfast, and skilled service as well as her dedication and devotion to our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends over a considerable stretch of time is unparalleled. Nancy’s kindness, thoughtfulness, selflessness, and humor have made both Truett and Baylor better. Hearty congratulations, Nancy, on year 40th work anniversary at Baylor! We highly value you and are grateful for the good work you have done and continue to do year after year. "
--Todd Still, Dean

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