Fundraising Success Leads to Foy Valentine Chair in Christian Ethics

August 15, 2019
Dr. Roger Olson

Continually noted by students as one of the most transformative influences upon their seminary experience, Truett faculty are published scholars, experienced pastors, and global leaders in their varied fields of expertise. As Truett Seminary remains committed to retaining and recruiting the highest quality of professors, the securing of endowed Chairs becomes more and more important.

In American higher education, endowed faculty Chairs have increasingly become an expectation of truly exceptional teachers and scholars. Funds generated by a Chair’s endowment not only subsidize a faculty person’s salary but also allow a faculty member to advance instructional programs, develop new research ideas, and make other innovative advances in his or her own portfolio of scholarly work. Baylor’s Truett Seminary has been greatly enriched by the scholarly activity and profile of the various occupants of the school’s academic chairs.

Recently, through the generosity of several individual donors and foundations, the Foy Valentine Endowed Professorship in Christian Ethics, was moved from a professorship to a Chair. The professorship was established in 2012 to honor the ministry and memory of pioneer Baptist ethicist Dr. Foy Valentine and has been held by Dr. Roger E. Olson since its inception.

This past May, Baylor celebrated the largest current gift ever received by the University, which in part will launch the Baylor Academic Challenge to spark the funding and creation of new endowed faculty positions.

“We are deeply grateful to each and every donor who has helped to make the Foy Valentine Endowed Chair in Christian Ethics financially possible, even as we are delighted that Dr. Roger E. Olson, a highly acclaimed and widely read Baptist Christian theologian and ethicist, is the occupant of this prestigious post,” Truett Dean Todd D. Still remarked. “In her short history, Baylor’s Truett Seminary has experienced considerable success in raising the funds necessary to endow multiple academic chairs, and I am especially hopeful that what has been will be, not least as we lean into our university’s strategic academic plan (Illuminate) and comprehensive campaign (Give Light).”

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