The ABCs of Truett Seminary

July 11, 2019
ABCs of Truett

Inspired by "The ABCs Every Baylor Bear Should Know," we’ve developed our own list for "The ABCs of Truett Seminary!"

A is for Alumni, over 1,500 of them, who are serving across the United States and around the world.

B is for Baylor University, the home of Truett Seminary.

C is for Covenant Group, a Truett distinctive, where students meet every other week for spiritual formation, discussion, prayer, and community.

D is for Doctoral Degrees, including the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and PhD in Preaching.

E is for Events, from the annual Parchman Endowed Lecture Series to the National Preaching Conference to the Friends of Truett Dinner to many more.

F is for Faculty, published scholars, experienced pastors, and global leaders who challenge students to expand their knowledge while also investing in their lives outside the classroom.

G is for Globe, the bronze sculpture that greets Truett visitors and reminds us of our calling to "go into all the world."

H is for Houston, the home of Truett’s extension campus.

I is for International Travel, whether to Greece, Italy, India, Hong Kong, or a dozen other locations around the world that offer unique experiences for students.

J is for Joint Degrees, including the MDiv/Master of Business Administration, MDiv or MTS/Master of Social Work, MDiv/Juris Doctor, MDiv/Master of Music, and MDiv/Master of Education.

K is for the Kyle Lake Center for Effective Preaching, which provides students with thorough preparation for the practice of preaching as well as continuing education and resources for alumni and friends.

L is for LLLs, cultivating lifelong learning habits so students can continually sharpen their skills after their time at seminary is complete.

M is for Mentoring, the “apprenticeship" or "internship" program that gives students the opportunity to receive hands-on experience and guidance in the day-to-day functions of ministry.

N is for Network, as in the Truett Church Network, a new initiative aimed at strengthening and expanding the Seminary's relationship with congregations across Texas and the United States.

O is for Online Certificate Program, a special seminary program designed for church members and leaders who desire more depth in their Christian life or ministry.

P is for Powell Chapel, where Truett hosts our weekly Community Gathering for Worship, in addition to many campus- and community-wide events.

Q is for Q&A Lunches, a time for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy lunch together and hear more from the weekly Chapel speaker.

R is for Recruitment Team, who help prospective students discover more about Truett and how the Seminary can equip and prepare them for their calling.

S is for Supply Preaching, one of the resources offered by the Office of Ministry Connections, that gives students experience and churches assistance during ministry transition.

T is for The Cord, the Seminary’s annual magazine featuring stories about students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as significant updates and events.

U is for Undergraduates at Baylor University, who are mentored by Truett students serving as Resident Chaplains or in various roles with Baylor Athletics, Baptist Student Ministries, University Chapel, and more.

V is for Visit, whether for a Preview Day or a Personal Visit, all prospective students and friends are encouraged to spend some time on the Truett campus.

W is for Women in Ministry, because women are supported, celebrated, and encouraged at Truett Seminary to pursue the ministerial calls that God has placed on their lives.

X is for Χριστος, the reason we’re here. (We study Greek and Hebrew too!)

Y is for Youth Spirituality and Sports Initiative, a grant-funded program that gave rise to Truett’s Faith & Sport Institute for local high school student-athletes.

Z is for ZZZs, a rare experience for the studious seminarian!

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