Truett Seminary Dean Still to Serve as William Barclay Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the University of Glasgow in the Spring of 2019

December 31, 2018

This spring, Truett Seminary DeLancey Dean and Hinson Professor Todd D. Still will be based in Glasgow, Scotland for eight weeks so that he might serve as the William Barclay Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Trinity College of the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Dean Still, who earned his PhD from the University of Glasgow in 1996, was awarded this fellowship in the fall of 2014. However, due to his having been named dean of Truett Seminary in 2015 and his having served as interim-Provost of Baylor University in 2016, he delayed serving as a Barclay Fellow. Now, with the support of Baylor University leadership and the Truett Seminary community, Dean Still is able to follow through with this fellowship, which begins in mid-January and concludes in mid-March.

Although he will still be contactable by phone and email during his time abroad, Dean Still feels that he is able to accept this honor because of the competence and commitment of the Truett Seminary faculty and staff.

"We have a highly skilled and deeply caring faculty and staff. They are consummate professionals who feel a deep call to their work and will continue to do their good work well while I am away," he said.

As a Barclay Fellow, Dean Still, along with University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Ancient Culture Sean Adams, will teach an honors course at the University of Glasgow on the theology of Philippians and Philemon. He will also give a public lecture entitled "Barclay on Paul: Which Barclay? Which Paul?" and will offer a seminar paper to the university community on "Paul and 'the Good.'"

Additionally, Dean Still will be preaching most Sundays at Scottish Baptist churches, including the church he pastored during his time as a doctoral student at the University of Glasgow. He will also be presenting papers and offering lectures at various universities across the United Kingdom, from King’s College, London to the University of Cambridge to the University of Manchester to the University of Durham to the University of Edinburgh to the University of St. Andrews, among others.

"Although eight weeks is not enough time to conduct a thorough-going research project, it will afford me the time to read, to do some writing, to teach, preach, and lecture, to create and rekindle relationships, and to have conversations with colleagues across Great Britain about Baylor University and Truett Seminary," Dean Still said. "So, I think that when the eight weeks has ended, I will be both enriched and exhausted."

Dean Still speaks excitedly about these opportunities to strengthen relationships abroad and of the potential they bring for Truett Seminary. From visiting Baylor and Truett graduates studying in the United Kingdom to exploring study abroad programs for current students, the connections he will be forging and solidifying will be significant in the development of future partnerships.

"It is difficult to anticipate what all might happen during my time away, but I strongly suspect that the time will pass rather quickly," Dean Still said. "Before I turn around twice, as it were, I will be packing my suitcase and headed home to a university, seminary, and community that I love and to work that I find to be both challenging and satisfying."

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