Dr. Robert Creech Co-authors New Book, Ethics for Christian Ministry

October 23, 2017

In November 2017, Dr. Robert Creech, professor of Christian ministries, director of pastoral ministries, and holder of the Hubert H. and Gladys S. Raborn Professor of Pastoral Leadership, published Ethics for Christian Ministry: Moral Formation for 21st-Century Leaders, with co-author Dr. Joe Trull.

"I was motivated to work on this book with Joe Trull for a couple of reasons," Dr. Creech said. "First, the subject matter is critical for people serving in congregational leadership. Integrity in the minister’s personal life and in relationship with one’s congregation, one’s peers, and one’s community are not optional in a ministry that is sustainable over a lifetime. It is too easy to assume that these things will just work out without thoughtfully addressing them. That is a poor assumption. Second, Dr. Joe Trull has been working and writing in the field of ministerial ethics for decades. The opportunity to write with him was a welcome one."

Ethis for Christian Ministry addresses both current and perennial ethical issues and offers guidance for developing a personal code of ethics to maintain integrity in the work of ministry. Dr. Creech and Dr. Trull address the nature of ethical decision making as well as practical areas where integrity can be compromised, including issues raised by the use of smartphones and social media.

"One thing that emerged as a new concept for me was a metaphor developed in chapter three––the idea of a 'moral immune system' in the church that must be kept healthy to reduce our vulnerability to moral and ethical failure," Dr. Creech said.


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