Archived News – April 2011

Clint Dobson, pastor of NorthPointe Church and George W. Truett Theological Seminary graduate, was murdered on March 3 in his church office. Rather than let tragedy have the final say, Dobson's family has partnered with his friends at George W. Truett Theological Seminary to create the Clint Dobson Memorial Fund, a scholarship that will serve future seminary students and celebrate Dobson's life.

Dobson's brother and sister, Chris Kirchmer and Sarah Dobson Mitchell, developed the idea to start a memorial fund and quickly approached the seminary with the idea.

"This was something, because of his [Dobson's] love for Truett and Baylor, the family wanted to do," said David Hardage, director of development at Truett. "They wanted to continue his ministry and establish a legacy of his life that would be difference making for years and decades to come."

Dobson's siblings said they strongly feel they are not just doing this to remember him, but also to continue the ministry he started.
"It's more personal than just being in his memory," Kirchmer said. "For us, we see this as our final gift for Clint but beyond that, it's important because we believe in what he was doing. There is going to be an opportunity for someone, even if it's not Clint, to continue with that ministry."
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