Racism in the White Church 2022 Archives

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Opening Prayer & Homily with Greg Garrett
"Race and Culture" with Sean Palmer
"Do You Want to Be Healed?" with Catherine Meeks
Opening Prayer & Homily with Ralph D. West
"Preaching Black/Preaching White" with Ralph D. West, Steve Wells, and Todd Still
"Seeking Racial Healing" with Catherine Meeks and Malcolm Foley
Opening Prayer & Homily with Steve Wells
"White Evangelical Christianity" with Kristin Du Mez and Beth Allison Barr
"White Evangelicals on Race" with Kristin Du Mez
Welcome from Baylor University with Linda Livingstone
Opening Prayer & Homily with Sean Palmer
"Engaging Race through Film" with Sean Palmer and Greg Garrett
"White Too Long" with Robert P. Jones and Mia Moody-Ramirez
"Racism and Repair: Healing the White Church" with Robert P. Jones

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