Master of Arts (M.A.) in Theology and Sports Studies

"We believe this program is truly unique in the landscape of theological education. As part of the Faith & Sports Institute at Baylor’s Truett Seminary, it will provide a flexible option for Christian leaders who want an online graduate program with academic rigor, theological formation, and real-world impact specific to the people and culture of sports." —Paul Putz, Ph.D., Program Director

The Master of Arts in Theology and Sports Studies is a 39-hour online degree developed by Truett Seminary’s Faith & Sports Institute. It is designed to provide Christian leaders and ministers in sports with a strong theological foundation, contextually-relevant formation, and cultural literacy so that they can engage with the people and culture of sports as thoughtful, faithful, and responsible Christians. As an online* degree, it provides a flexible option for Christian leaders in sports (including coaches, administrators, sports ministry professionals, sports chaplains, and more) who want a graduate degree focused on academic rigor, theological and spiritual formation, and holistic leadership.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes:

Students in the Theology and Sports Studies degree program will learn how to integrate Christian faith and virtue with sports in ways that are applicable to other spheres of life (family, business, politics, etc.). They will learn to cultivate theological competence and cultural literacy by interacting with theological resources to interpret and to make their faith and calling meaningful in sports. They will demonstrate the necessary emotional, spiritual, and leadership intelligence and skills to lead well in specific Christian callings in sports, while also reflecting on and addressing contemporary social, moral, and theological concerns pertinent to Christian flourishing and leadership in the culture of sports.

Specific measurable student learning outcomes for graduates of the program include:

  • Possess foundational skills in the study of content, context, and interpretation of Christian Scripture as it relates to understanding and engaging in sports
  • Possess foundational skills in the study of both the content and context of the place of sports within the larger Christian tradition
  • Demonstrate active engagement with cultural context and social needs related to sports in ways that inform and enrich the practice of Christian witness
  • Engage in patterns of practice and belief that will inform and enrich the spiritual life of the leader or minister
  • Demonstrate competency and capacity for integrating theology and ministry leadership in varied sports contexts
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