Why do we work with partners? Why do we nominate?

At The Faith & Sports Institute Retreat, we value partners in the community. We recognize that parents, coaches, teachers, athletic directors, and pastors are the gatekeepers to youth. We want to include and encourage partners in the athletic and spiritual journeys of these high school student athletes.

At The FSI Retreat, we believe nomination is a powerful tool to affirm and encourage others. Words have power, especially words of encouragement spoken into someone’s potential. When an adult speaks into the capabilities of a young person, that adult is passing the baton. By nominating a high school student athlete, a partner is instilling belief and courage into that student, communicating that he or she possesses great potential for excellence and faithfulness.

We believe the nomination process both empowers youth and deepens the nominator’s connection with that youth. Join us in this meaningful nomination process!

"All of our students who attended FSI thoroughly enjoyed their week. They talked about how intense it was, and how spiritually challenging it was in a good way. But more than that, their biggest takeaway is the mentorship they're continuing to receive. When they speak about their mentors, they light up! The time they get to spend with their mentors and other mentees is transformational." —Brice, Live Oak Classical School Athletic Director

Community Workshops

The FSI Retreat seeks to add value not only to the lives of student athletes, but to the greater community, as well. Concluding the retreat, we offer a Parent & Coach Seminar for parents and coaches in the community to learn about what the student-athletes explored throughout the retreat.

The 2023 Parent & Coach Seminar will take place on June 17 at 11:30am-12:30pm.

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Closing Ceremonies

We highly encourage parents, coaches, and spiritual leaders to attend the Closing Ceremonies on the last day of the Retreat. Not only will you celebrate the hard work undertaken by the FSI graduates, but you will also receive a glimpse of what they have learned during the Retreat. You will be introduced to the vision, values, and vocabulary that FSI teaches, which will enable you to relate to and converse with FSI graduates. Life will go back to normal after the Retreat, and students will need your help and guidance as they continue to apply FSI’s Five Themes at the intersection of faith and sport.

The Closing Ceremonies begins immediately following the Parent & Coach Seminar and includes lunch.

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