The Theology, Ecology, and Food Justice Program educates students, ministers, and practitioners to tend to communities in holistic, restorative, and sustainable ways. Throughout their course work, students examine the complex and interrelated challenges posed by poverty, ecological degradation, and food insecurity through theological, biblical, and interdisciplinary studies. This program prepares students for work in congregational ministry, nonprofits, government agencies, and the public sector.

Program Initiatives

  • Host seminary courses at the World Hunger Relief Farm exploring theological principles, biblical passages, and best practices in farming and food systems
  • Collaborate with local, national, and international partners to address systemic issues related to ecology, food justice, and faith formation
  • Offer student mentoring opportunities and field education at the farm and with national and international partners
  • Travel with students to D.C. and Italy to meet with leading scholars and practitioners
  • Produce interdisciplinary research and advocacy for creation care
  • Provide engagement opportunities for educators, pastors, and community leaders

Meet the Program Director:

Jennifer Howell, PhD

After attaining a BA from the Honors Program at Texas A&M University, Howell went on to earn her MDiv (Duke Divinity School) and PhD in Theology and Ethics (Baylor University). Howell serves as the Director of the Theology, Ecology, and Food Justice Program at Truett and is the Theologian in Residence at the World Hunger Relief Farm, where all of her classes are offered. Her scholarship focuses on the doctrine of creation. She believes that teaching her courses on site at a flourishing regenerative farm allows Truett students the opportunity to more fully integrate the rigor of theological education with an informed love of place that Christians are called to tend and nurture.

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