Look Up Classes

The Baylor University Office of the Registrar provides a helpful tool for students to search available classes before registering in Bearweb.

The Schedule of Classes is available at www.baylor.edu/scheduleofclasses.

Follow these instructions to look up classes offered at Truett Seminary:

  1. Select the applicable term.
  2. Select your preference of searching for all classes or online only classes.
  3. For Colleges, choose Seminary.
  4. Leave Prefix, as Any Prefix (unless you are searching for a specific course).
  5. For course number, type in From: 7000, To: 8000.
  6. Leave Course Attribute as Any Attribute.
  7. For Status, select Open (unless you wish to view closed classes as well).
  8. For Days, select Any Days (unless you wish to search for a class on a specific day).
  9. Leave Instructor's Last Name blank (unless you are searching for a specific professor).

George W. Truett Theological Seminary