Advanced Certificates

Sample CertificateStudents interested in continuing their education beyond a Primary-level certificate may take additional courses that lead toward a 15-course Advanced certificate in their chosen track — Ministry or Christian Studies.

Advanced certificates require five courses—typically selected from in-person Seminar Courses—in addition to the 10 courses required for a Primary-level certificate. Students may begin taking Seminar Courses toward an Advanced certificate at any time, regardless of whether they have completed the 10 required Primary-level courses.

Completion of the 15 courses leads toward one of the following:

  • Advanced Certificate of Ministry
  • Advanced Certificate of Christian Studies

Advanced Certificate in Children's Ministry

Sample CertificateFor those serving in areas of children's ministry, Truett offers an Advanced Certificate in Children's Ministry in partnership with the Texas Baptists Certification Program for Childhood Educators.

The Advanced Certificate in Children's Ministry is awarded to those who complete both the Texas Baptists Childhood Ministry Certification and Truett's Certificate of Christian Foundation. These courses may be taken simultaneously and achieved in any order.

Texas Baptists Childhood Ministry Certification

The following Childhood Ministry Certification courses are typically offered at the Texas Baptists campus in Dallas and in conjunction with other designated events in Texas:

  • Characteristics of Preschoolers and Children
  • Essentials of Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • Guidance in the Classroom
  • Implementation of a Safe Ministry Area
  • Leadership in the Church
  • Principles of Teaching/How to Choose Curriculum
  • Special Need Ministry
  • Theology of Children