Our Certificates

Truett Seminary's Certificate Program seeks to serve a wide variety of people with a variety of backgrounds and interests. To support the varied objectives of our students, we offer three different levels of achievements:

  • Foundation
  • Primary
  • Advanced

Foundation Level (6 courses)

Sample CertificateThe Foundation Level courses form the core of Truett's Certificate Program and are designed to take approximately 16 to 18 months to complete. These courses work in unison to form a strong foundation of understanding within the Christian faith. They are appropriate for any adult, and upon completion of all six courses, students will receive a Certificate of Christian Foundation.

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Primary Level (10 courses)

Sample CertificateThe Primary-level certificate is the central achievement that most Certificate students work toward. Building on the Certificate of Christian Foundation, a Primary-level certificate requires an additional four courses focused on application and deeper understanding. This level of certificate offers a variety of options, including two primary study tracks:

  • Ministry
  • Christian Studies

The Ministry track leads toward a Certificate of Ministry and is designed for students with a ministry calling. The Christian Studies track leads toward a Certificate of Christian Studies and is intended for non-ministers wanting to further their personal study without the pastoral emphasis of the Ministry track.

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Advanced Level (15 courses)

Sample CertificateCertificate students may seek to achieve an Advanced-level certificate by completing an additional five courses. These five classes are typically selected from in-person Seminar Courses, but additional ministry concentrations are available. Students may begin accumulating these courses towards an Advanced-level certificate whenever they would like.

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