Online Classes FAQ

Online Classes FAQ

What courses are currently available to take online?
  • LEAD 7301: Leadership for Ministry
  • WOCW 7385: Introduction to Christian Witness and Mission
  • THEO 7346: New Testament Greek 1
  • THEO 7356: Hebrew 1
How do I register for online courses?

Students will register for online courses through Bearweb, just like on-campus courses. Online classes will be designated with the section code OL1.

What is the course format?

Each online class will meet 1.5 to 2 hours one night per week. Hebrew 1 is the exception and will meet on Monday mornings.

How many online courses can I take?

Coming soon!

Can I take online and on campus courses simultaneously?

Yes! However, online courses will occur during a designated class times. Students will be required to log in and be present during online classes, so they will not be able to take an on campus class at the same time as an online class.

Will my scholarship apply to online courses? Will fees remain the same?

Online classes that are a part of a student’s degree plan will be charged the same tuition rate and scholarshipped in the same way as on campus classes.

The fees for online classes are less. Instead of a fee of $121 per credit hour (the 2019-2020 rate), online classes are charged a $100 fee for the term. For example, a student enrolled in two on campus classes and two online classes would be charged $826 in fees (6 x $121 + $100 = $826).