Career Options

Graduates of Truett's Sports Ministry Program will intern and pursue callings in the local church, in educational institutions, in non-profit community organizations, and/or in faith-based organizations. Specific career paths include:

Sports Ministry Director or Staff for the Local Church

Churches are developing sports ministry programs and desire to hire qualified individuals to oversee and facilitate such programs.

Sports Ministry Parachurch Staff and Chaplain

This is a traditional career path with organizations seeking theologically prepared sports ministers and chaplains to work with college, Olympic, and professional teams/clubs/sportspersons in the U.S. and overseas.

Christian Camp Staff

Christian camping continues to be a significant faith experience for spiritually forming young people in and through a sports camp. Whether as a director, programming specialist or counselor, this degree contributes to this calling.

Sports Ministry Missionary

Many missions agencies either have or are developing sports ministries.

Sports Leadership Staff

A growing number of faith-based organizations are seeking community development staff in the area of sports outreach and life/character coaches.

Teachers, Athletic Directors, and Coaches

Continuing education for those leading in a sports-specific setting with an opportunity to learn to think theologically and practically about sports ministry.

Higher Education/Athletics Administration

The focus on caring holistically for people within the context of a university provides useful experience and skills for those interested in serving college students.

Non-profit community and faith-based organizations with opportunities for Sports Ministry Program graduates might include:

George W. Truett Theological Seminary