The Master of Divinity/Master of Business Administration (M.Div./M.B.A.) program prepares students for numerous ministerial contexts, including congregations, religious non-profits, religiously affiliated organizations, and church agencies. As religious institutions and congregations continue to morph into complex organizations and as non-profits and other religiously affiliated organizations continue to proliferate, the need continues to grow for qualified, competent, and well-educated individuals who understand and appreciate the mission of such institutions. Individuals in this program will benefit from the skill set developed through the Master of Business Administration but they will also gain through the Master of Divinity degree the biblical, theological, and ministerial formation necessary to serve in such contexts. The M.Div./M.B.A. joint degree meets the standard requirements of both graduate degree plans.


Students have two options for starting their joint degree.

  1. Non-business undergrad majors will complete the MDiv educational program prior to entering the MBA program. As part of the admissions process for the MBA program, students applying for the joint degree will complete the GMAT or GRE 60 days before starting the MBA program. Once prospective students have been accepted into the MBA program, they will complete the Integrated Management System (IMS) course before taking the core business courses. Students taking IMS receive academic credit but do not earn a grade. Students must pass the IMS course in order to continue on with the MBA portion of the joint degree.
  2. Business undergrad majors have the option of starting either the MBA portion or the MDiv portion first. Students with an undergraduate degree in business are not required to take IMS. Master of Divinity students who fail to complete the requirements for the MBA portion of the joint degree, however, will be eligible to complete the MDiv degree in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Seminary.

Prospective students will declare their intent to enroll in the joint degree with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Truett Seminary and the Graduate Associate Dean of the Business School. Students will be required to make formal application to each academic unit.


Since both degrees are awarded simultaneously, all requirements in both schools must be completed in order to receive either degree.

Requirements for Master of Divinity 78 hours
Introductory Courses*
  • THEO 7340 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7343 Introduction to Christian History
  • THEO 7345 Introduction to Christian Theology
9 hours
Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7370 Christian Scriptures 1
  • THEO 7372 Christian Scriptures 2
  • THEO 7371 Christian Scriptures 3
  • THEO 7373 Christian Scriptures 4
12 hours
Christian Theology
  • THEO 7360 Christian Texts and Traditions 1
  • THEO 7361 Christian Texts and Traditions 2
  • THEO 7362 Christian Texts and Traditions 3
  • THEO 7382 Constructive Theology
  • THEO 7396 The Baptist Identity
15 hours
  • LEAD 7301 Leadership for Ministry
  • LEAD 7V21 Studies in Leadership: The Business of Ministry (3 hrs)
  • LEAD 7309 Church Administration
9 hours
Christian Ministry
  • MSSN 7385 Christian World Mission
  • PRCH 7316 Preaching 1
  • THEO 7316 Christian Worship
  • MENT 7V00 Mentoring in Ministry (9 hrs)
  • PRTH 7391 Integrative Seminar
21 hours
Electives 12 hours
Satisfactory Completion of 200 Lifelong Learning Units
Covenant Groups - four Semesters
Satisfactory Academic Progress

*These are required courses; however, based upon previous academic experience, students may petition to waive these courses. Students not taking these courses must substitute electives in corresponding areas under advisement.

Requirements for Master of Business Administration 33-45 hours
Integrated Management System
Required for students without a Business undergraduate degree
  • BUS 5601 Accounting and Math
  • BUS 5602 Economics, Finance and Business Law
  • BUS 5390 Management Communication
  • BUS 5050 Graduate Business Colloquium
15 hours
Core One
  • ACC 5121 Accounting Planning
  • ACC 5122 Accounting Implementation
  • ECO 5115 Demand Analysis
  • ECO 5116 Production and Cost Analysis
  • FIN 5161 Corporate Finance: Planning
  • FIN 5162 Corporate Finance: Implementation
  • MGT 5132 Operations Core 2
  • MIS 5151 Technical Foundations of Info Systems
  • QBA 5131 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making--Part 1
  • BUS 5050 Graduate Business Colloquium
  • 6 hours of electives
15 hours
Core Two
  • ACC 5123 Accounting in a Changing Environment
  • ECO 5117 Market Structure Analysis and Estimation
  • FIN 5163 Financial Control
  • MGT 5131 Operations Core 1
  • MGT 5133 Operations Core 3
  • MIS 5152 Aligning Info Technology with the Business Enterprise
  • MIS 5153 Managing the Info Technology Resource
  • QBA 5132 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making--Part 2
  • QBA 5133 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making--Part 3
  • BUS 5395 Focus Firm
  • 3 hour elective course
15 hours
3-Hour Elective Courses
  • MKT 5310 Marketing Administration
  • MGT 5385 Strategic Management
  • MGT 5310 Organizational Behavior

More information about the M.Div./M.B.A. is available at Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business website or find contact information here.