The short answer is no.

The longer answer is that we have designed each of our Certificate of Christian Foundation to be accessible for anyone with the desire to learn. Each course is arranged so that the requirements to make progress are very attainable, but we provide a large number of completely optional assignments for our students who want to study deeper.

In this way we are able to serve new and experienced learners with equal effectiveness.

If you have never received a formal theological education and do not have the ability or desire to spend a number of years as a full-time master’s degree student, then absolutely. Through our program, and particulary the Certificate of Ministry, you will grow and learn and gain access to rich formational content that can aid in improving your ability to teach and preach.

We do not advise taking more than one course at a time (particularly when some of them are prerequisites for others). If the goal is to finish faster, instead of dividing your attention among multiple courses, we suggest trying to progress through the courses at a faster pace.

Yes. As long as you finish within the allotted time and turn in acceptable work, you can progress as fast as you would like. However, we strongly advise not progressing too quickly and ask that you not attempt to finish a course in less than half the alloted time.

Because this is a non-academic program, it does not qualify for federal aid through the GI bill.

The entire program works around your schedule rather than an academic calendar. You can start your first course whenever you are ready (even today), and you may progress to your second course once you finish your first.

This depends. Within the Baptist tradition, ordination and licensing happen at the local church level. That being said, it is highly likely that having a Certificate of Ministry from Truett Seminary at Baylor University is a very strong step towards this process.

Unfortunately, the work done at a certificate level cannot be transferred toward a Master’s of Divinity or another degree program. However, the Certificate Program can act as an excellent stepping stone in the pursuit of a graduate-level degree by providing students with relevant knowledge and the formation of solid study habits.

Anyone, regardless of age, gender, or denominational background is welcome to enroll in Truett's Certificate Program. We approach our curriculum from an ecumenical Christian perspective but do spend seven weeks (out of the 68 in our core curriculum) on Baptist components, including exploring "Baptist Identity" and the history of Baptists in the United States.