Church Groups

To better serve local congregations trying to foster growth in leadership, we have created tools that allow Truett's Certificate Program to be used for onsite education in churches.

We provide curriculum, feedback, oversight, and facilitation materials, and a church need only provide a facilitator to help direct conversation. Because of the materials provided, it is not necessary for facilitators to teach, lecture, or plan lessons. The role of the facilitator is to promote conversation and community among those participating.

Course Structure

Students participating in the Certificate Program through their church follow the same course structure as individuals pursuing a Certificate of Christian Foundation. The six offered courses include:

  • CCF00 - Orientation and Formation (8 weeks)
  • CCF01 - Biblical Interpretation (12 weeks)
  • CCF02 - Survey of the Old Testament (12 weeks)
  • CCF03 - Survey of the New Testament (12 weeks)
  • CCF04 - Introduction to Theology (12 weeks)
  • CCF05 - Introduction to Church History (12 weeks)

Ongoing Learning Cycle

As participating students progress through the courses listed above, they can begin to discipline and mentor a second cycle of students. In this way a church can have an ongoing training and teaching program, based around the Certificate Program’s content and structure, strengthened through relationships in cohorts.

When students finish the six course cycle, they will receive a Certificate of Christian Foundation and have the opportunity to spin off into smaller groups or mentoring relationships to take advanced classes in pursuit of a Certificate of Ministry.

Getting Started
Contact the Certificate Program office for more information about starting a church partnership.