Certificate of Ministry

Students interested in working toward a Certificate of Ministry (COM), must first complete and receive a Certificate of Christian Foundation and then take four additional COM level courses. After completing the four courses, the student will receive the Certificate of Ministry.

For students wanting to grow in ministry effectiveness and ability, the Certificate of Ministry courses are where large and advanced strides will be made in the associated subjects. Current offerings can be viewed in our online course catalog.

Independent Study Projects

In addition to the continually expanding courses offered in our online catalog, we offer the option for students to engage in an Independent Study Project on certain subjects that might be beyond the scope of our current online course offerings.

Up to two of the four required Certificate of Ministry level courses may be taken as Independent Study Projects.

All Independent Study Projects must be approved by the Certificate Program Director and will be designed collaboratively with the student. The cost for participating in an Independent Study Project varies between $125 to $250, depending on the project.

Outside Credit

Through our strategic partnerships, students may receive Certificate of Ministry level credit through other organizations. For questions about outside credit, contact the Certificate Program office.

Sample Certificate