Foundation Certificate

Sample CertificateThe foundation-level courses form the core of Truett Seminary's Certificate Program curriculum and are designed to take approximately 16 to 18 months to complete as students progress through them one at a time. All but the first course (CCF00) are 12-weeks in length, but many students finish within a shorter timeframe. The first two courses (CCF00 and CCF01) must be taken chronologically. The remaining four courses may be taken in any order.

These designed to work together to form a strong foundation of understanding within the Christian faith and are modeled after the core curriculum of Truett Seminary’s prestigious Master of Divinity program. By completing all six courses, students earn a Certificate of Christian Foundation.


I. CCF00 - Orientation and Formation

Introduction of spiritual formation and preparation for student success (Must be completed first)

II. CCF01 - Biblical Interpretation

How to better read, interpret, and apply Scripture (Must be completed second)

III. CCF02 - Survey of the Old Testament

Overview of the Old Testament with a particular focus on its historical and cultural contexts

IV. CCF03 - Survey of the New Testament

Overview of the New Testament with the goal of helping students understand Scriptures in the same way as the early church

V. CCF04 - Introduction to Theology

Vibrant exploration of Christian doctrines and the practical ways of how beliefs affect the Christian life

VI. CCF05 - Introduction to Church History

Brief but descriptive overview of our shared Christian story with an added emphasis on the history of Baptist life in the United States

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