Program Overview

Truett Seminary's Online Certificate Program is serious study at a level appropriate for anyone. Adults of all ages and educational backgrounds have found the Program to be a great fit for faith development and/or ministry preparation.

Certificate Students start by working towards completing a Certificate of Christian Foundation (CCF). These foundational studies form the core of the Certificate Program curriculum.

Upon completion students may then move onwards towards a Certificate of Ministry (COM) by completing four additional courses.

Course Format

Each course is designed to maximize flexibility for our students by allowing them to accomplish the assignments based on their own schedules.

Students have assigned reading for the week which leads towards a few reading assessment and subject-interaction questions. These questions generally require at most only a few paragraphs of writing and are meant to direct students toward furthering their engagement with the subject matter through reflection and critical thinking.

Some additional assignments are generally given each week, which may include reviewing articles, studying a passage of Scripture, reviewing a case study, or working on a multi-week project. Each is designed to be efficient and only a modest time commitment.


We understand the difficulties of managing commitments of work, rest, family, ministry, and studying. This program is designed to allow you to determine how it might best fit in your schedule.

Courses are taken one at a time, and students begin each course according to their own schedule and progress in a flexible format. There are no scheduled meetings to participate in and no long videos to watch.

Reading assignments average 15 to 30 pages per week, and other assignments are meant to be accomplished in 20 to 30 minute blocks of time spread throughout the week.

You choose when to do your work and when to turn it in. Our goal is for you to spend no more than 2 to 3 hours per week on all of your assignments and to make progress according to the wide-latitude of the provided weekly schedules. The expectation is for you to finish each course within the time allotted, but additional time can be taken if unexpected life circumstances cause delays.

Assessment and Feedback

As a non-academic program, there are no grades and no “passing” or “failing” scores. The goal is for our students to achieve comprehension and continue to make progress.

Feedback is regularly given on student assignments, and students will have their work reviewed and critiqued in ways that increase their learning potential. Our Certificate Program team will read submitted assignments and provide helpful comments to clear up confusion, provide direction, and give affirmation in good work and/or critique for work that needs improvement.

We seek to encourage our students through ongoing interaction, but also to challenge them to dig deeper when necessary.