Recruitment Team Associates

Truett Seminary's Student Recruitment Team Associates work with prospective students to help them discover more about Truett and about how the Seminary can equip and prepare them for their calling.

Student Recruitment Team Associates and student recruiters are current Truett students who are excited to share about their journey to and experiences at seminary. Prospective Students may recognize them from a Truett recruitment visit to their school or from a Truett exhibit booth at a conference they attended.

More information about each of our Assocaties can be found below. Be sure to reach out to them directly with any questions you may have.

Eric Balmer

student_photo Year at Truett: 3rd Year

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Previous Institution Attended: Georgetown College in Kentucky (B.A. Communication, Minor in Business)

Why I Came to Truett: I was looking for a seminary that focused on more than just my academic performance. In Truett, I saw that there was a unique community of faculty and students that truly cared about my academic, spiritual, and personal growth. It was important for the seminary I attended to challenge me and not just confirm what I already believed, but to challenge and equip me to think through difficult issues and concepts for myself. My only hesitation in coming to Truett was the distance it was from home, but once I realized this was the place God was calling me, I could not say no.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: The best thing about Truett is the community that is fostered between students and with faculty. The continual support of faculty and the organically-formed community among the students create a great environment to learn, grow, and experience joy.

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Abby Bennett

student photo Year at Truett: 1st Year

Hometown: Waco, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: Baylor University (BSW, Social Work)

Why I Came to Truett: I first became interested in Truett when I learned about the joint degree programs. While studying social work in undergrad, I was convinced that the intersection between social work and ministry was evident and crucial. Being able to come to a seminary that encourages and allows me to pursue both only made me love Truett more. I wanted to find a seminary where I would not only be stretched academically, but also provided with a sense of community. I instantly felt that at Truett. Whether it was a professor's willingness to meet with me before I was even accepted, many scholarship questions emailed and answered, or a friendly face and hug every time I entered the Student Services office, I knew Truett was the place for me.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part about being at Truett is the support I feel from every member of the community. I was extremely intimidated to come to graduate school, but every person here has supported me and helped me grow immensely. Truett cares for its students and I am grateful to have that sense of community here.

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Kathryn Freeman

student photoYear at Truett: 2nd Year

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: University of Texas School of Law (J.D.), Texas A&M University (B.A. English)

Why I Came to Truett: I choose Truett Seminary because the professors here don't teach students what to think about God, but how to think about him. I also love that it is close to Austin and provides Monday only classes for those in full-time ministry.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite thing about Truett is getting to know professors personally and the ways they invest in student's lives.

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Rachel Halloran

Year at Truett: 1st Year

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: Texas Tech University (BBA, Marketing)

Why I came to Truett:The reason I came to Truett was for the dual degree programs. I love that Truett recognizes areas of ministry overlap with the masters of divinity and other master degrees.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part of being a Truett student is the community of students and teachers. Since I came from a large undergrad university, it’s nice to know all the students in my classes.

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Justin McDowell

Year at Truett: 2nd Year

Hometown: Shelby, North Carolina

Previous Institution Attended: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Political Science, B.A. & Peace, War, and Defense, B.A.)

Why I Came to Truett: When beginning my seminary search, I knew I wanted to go to a seminary where I would have the freedom to ask questions as I developed theologically. Truett certainly affords students the space to develop theologically. Furthermore, Truett’s place within Baylor provided the opportunity to pursue another degree in addition to the MDiv. Finally, I knew God was calling me to Truett when I visited the campus during the Seminary’s Preview event. I immediately sensed the loving spirit of the community and I wanted to be a part of it.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part about Truett is the support and encouragement of the community. The professors care about students in and out of the classroom. They are all open and patient with any needs or questions. Classmates encourage one another as we journey through seminary together. Additionally, students are encouraged to personalize their own seminary experience as they prepare for their respective callings.

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MacKenzie Rock

student photo Year at Truett: 4th Year

Hometown: Mansfiled, Tx

Previous Institution Attended: Hardin-Simmons University (BBSc, Ministry, Minor in Music)

Why I came to Truett: I knew that Seminary was going to be the next step I would take after college. It was simply a matter of choosing which Seminary would be the right fit for me. I chose Truett mainly because of its incredible support of Women in ministry. All people are loved and trained according to the calling the Lord has placed upon their lives. I knew several friends and respected pastors that have come through Truett. Each of them sang Truett’s praises, so I knew that I needed to experience it for myself.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part of being a Truett student is learning under the incredible and notable faculty. Truett’s faculty are some of the most brilliant and pastoral ministers I have ever gotten the pleasure of learning under.

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