Recruitment Team

Truett Seminary's Student Recruitment Team Associates work with prospective students to help them discover more about Truett and about how the Seminary can equip and prepare them for their calling.

Student Recruitment Team Associates and student recruiters are current Truett students who are excited to share about their journey to and experiences at seminary. Prospective Students may recognize them from a Truett recruitment visit to their school or from a Truett exhibit booth at a conference they attended.

More information about each of our Associates can be found below. Be sure to reach out to them directly with any questions you may have.

Krystal Berry

student_photo Hometown: Southampton County, Virginia

Previous Institution Attended: Virginia State University (B.A. English), Texas Southern University (M.A. English)

Why I Came to Truett: After personally accepting my call to ministry but being prohibited in a local church setting from public acceptance and affirmation, my time of prayer and intentionality led me to Truett Seminary. I found a safe space to further prepare myself until I was in a church position that would support my public affirmation. This time at Truett has allowed me to focus on the work to come while engaging in the work and studies that are present now.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: I love that being at the Houston Campus has not made me feel distanced from my peers and professors in Waco. It's such an extensive community, and I'm proud to be a part of and share that.

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Lauren Jenkins

student photo Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

Previous Institution Attended: Carson-Newman University (B.A. Religion)

Why I Came to Truett: I came to Truett with the desire to become a professor. God has placed a calling on my heart to teach and encourage students, while at the same time directing students to Jesus' unconditional and sacrificial love. When researching different seminaries, I found that Truett affirms women in ministry. It is a blessing to know that I am supported by both peers and faculty. I was unsure that I would be able to attend Truett, but God has provided a way and reaffirmed my calling here.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part about being a Truett student is that no matter where you are there is someone willing to help. There are people praying for you and with you.

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Zach Barber

student photo Hometown: Georgetown, Kentucky

Previous Institution Attended: Georgetown College

Why I Came to Truett: I came to Truett because I felt at home the first day I walked in. I knew this was a great academic institution, so feeling extremely welcomed on my visit solidified my decision.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part about Truett has been the amazing connections I have been able to form with many different people.

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Sarah Zirkel

student photo Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica

Previous Institution Attended: Baylor University (B.A. Spanish)

Why I Came to Truett: I first became interested in Truett when a friend of mine told me about her plans to come. We talked about how she loved the community and felt like it was the right next step for her. I came to visit her, and as she was showing me around campus, I instantly met the kind and welcoming community that she had been talking about. As I was looking into the program, I learned about the joint MDiv and MBA program that Truett offers with the Hankamer School of Business, and I felt that this was the program for me. I loved my time in undergrad at Baylor, so making the decision to stay was an additional blessing!

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part has been getting to meet so many welcoming people and to be in such a Christ-like community that has encouraged me in my walk with Christ.

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Jessalyn Brown

student photo Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Previous Institution Attended: Georgetown College (B.A. American Studies & Theatre and Film Studies)

Why I Came to Truett: Around the time I was discerning my call to ministry, my undergrad institution and Truett were coming together to partner. I was awarded an awesome opportunity to come to Truett through the Bishop Scholars Program at Georgetown College. As I learned more about Truett, I was convinced that it was the place I was meant to be.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: I love Truett's emphasis on spiritual formation. A minister has to be ministered to, and Truett provides a beautiful space for that to happen.

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Rebekah Graff

student photo Hometown: Dripping Springs, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (B.A., Christian Studies)

Why I Came to Truett: I came to Truett in order to have a world-class theological education in my home of Central Texas. I have numerous friends who had attended Truett in the past, so I came to visit after hearing all of their glowing reviews. I knew it was a perfect fit for me immediately because of how welcoming the faculty, staff, and fellow students were.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part of being a Truett student has been getting to know my professors. They are all so knowledgeable and wise about the subjects they teach, but they are also extremely pastoral. Not only do I know them on an academic level, but I feel like they care about me and want to know me as a whole person. They are so generous in sharing their knowledge with their students.

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Jordan McMahan

student photo Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Previous Institution Attended: Old Dominion University (B.A., Philosophy)

Why I Came to Truett: I came to Truett after being mentored for three years by a Truett graduate. She helped me discern the things God has equipped me for and encouraged me to visit. From the moment I entered the building, I was overwhelmed by the care shown by each person I interacted with. I wanted to be in a place where, as a woman, I would be encouraged and empowered to fill the pulpit and share my beliefs, and Truett is this place for me. The emphasis on holistic care and spiritual formation have been game-changers in my personal walk with Christ.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: I adore the community at Truett. From professors and staff to my fellow students, I know I am loved and part of the family.

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