Posting and applying for jobs via the Church Services site is simple. Whether you are a church or a graduate seeking employment, you will find the site a helpful tool in achieving your goals.

For Churches, Ministries, and Non-Profits
  • Go to the Submit a Job Page and complete the simple form.
  • Ministry positions are listed for 6 months.
  • To resubmit open or remove filled positions, visit administrative tools page and enter your administrative email address and access code. You can request to renew any of the positions listed on that page.
For Students and Alumni
  • Current Students: login to the site using your Bear ID and password.
  • Truett Alumni: login with an Alumni ID to access the site (you can request one at the Baylor Alumni Network).
  • Once logged into the system, you can view available positions and submit your resumes directly to churches.

*If you are not an alumnus or current student of Truett Seminary, please email Alyssa Stiglets, Ministry Assistant, Minister Connections at BGCT or view the Minister Connection webpage for more information.*

Baylor University and Truett Seminary do not represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any information provided within the Church Services website. We do not conduct any research regarding, endorse or recommend any positions or candidates listed on the Church Services website.

Contact Church Services

Phone: (254) 710-7344