Academic Credit

Academic Credit

TThe next opportunity for students to participate in the spiritual direction training program is being considered for the Fall 2020 academic year on a weeknight (Spiritual Direction I and II). Courses may be taken as part of the spiritual formation and discipleship concentration or as elective credits. Any student registering for Spiritual Direction I in the fall semester should intend to take Spiritual Direction II in the spring semester. Email for more details.


For students to receive certification as a spiritual director from Truett Seminary, they must complete the second year of the program (Spiritual Direction III and IV). Courses must be taken in order. Students will ultimately receive 3 credit hours in the first academic year and 3 credit hours in the second academic year. We seek to keep students together through each semester of the program to create a cohort experience of shared prayer, conversation, practice, and mutual encouragement for soul care in ministry.

Practicum Opportunity

One special component of this training is the opportunity to serve as a spiritual director to Baylor undergrad students through a practicum process. This element of the program is being coordinated with Burt Burleson, our university chaplain. Students, if you are a resident chaplain or hope to become one, we especially encourage you to participate!