FSI Experience

FSI Experience

Date: June 13-19, 2021
Cost: $595, financial aid available in need-based situations

What to Expect

During the seven-day Retreat, you will test your mind, body, and spirit. You will engage with other student-athletes in academic sessions and athletic competition focused on five theological principles:

  1. Worship: Who or what do I value most? (FAITH)
  2. Identity: What motivates and defines me? (LOVE)
  3. Training: How do I grow personally and spiritually? (DISCIPLINE)
  4. Suffering: How do I respond to pain and trials? (HOPE)
  5. Vocation: How do I live out my calling? (COURAGE)

You will learn the vision, values, and vocabulary of FSI so that you can facilitate ongoing conversations and practice your faith in sports and life.

Closing Ceremonies - Attention Parents, Coaches & Spiritual Leaders

You are invited to attend a Seminar and Closing Ceremonies on Saturday, June 19th.

We highly encourage parents, coaches and spiritual leaders to attend both the Seminar and the Closing Ceremonies on the last day of the Retreat. Not only will you celebrate the hard work undertaken by the FSI graduates, but you will also receive a glimpse of what they have learned during the retreat. You will be introduced to the vision, values, and vocabulary of FSI so that you can facilitate ongoing conversations. Life will go back to normal after the retreat, and students will need your help and guidance as they continue to apply and reflect on the Five Themes at the intersection of faith and sport.

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