Certificate of Ministry - Church Groups

To prepare church leaders for the ongoing health and care of churches, it is necessary to train, disciple, and in general equip them for what is to come. A challenge in this is that the foundational and formational education in the Faith (Scripture, Theology, etc) is hard to do. Pastoral staff are often strained and challenge by ongoing ministry and administration matters, and curriculum planning and writing is not a priority or strength.

There are good many books, videos, and other opportunities that exist, but rarely do they come with feedback from instructors or connection to established institutions of learning. What we offer is a method of teaching the leaders and ministers in your church the foundational and practical skills and knowledge that is essential to the preparation of quality ministers and church leaders.

"For pastors, church leaders, and ministry staff, Truett Seminary’s Certificate Program is an ideal solution to the great need for accessible and affordable theological education." - Dr. Joel C. Gregory


To better serve your church we have created tools that allow the Certificate Program to be used in the effective and ongoing training of ministers and leaders. We provide curriculum, books, feedback, oversight, and facilitation materials.

All your church needs to provide is a facilitator to help direct conversation. Teaching, lecturing, or lesson planning is unnecessary. In most weeks, a facilitator could prepare in 15-20 minutes, as the goal is to promote conversation, connection, and community among participating church members and leaders.


Members of your church would progress through the 6 core courses as designed, and then as members finish the first cycle they begin to disciple and mentor the second cycle of students. In this way a church can have an ongoing training and teaching program which is based around the Certificate Program’s content and structure, as strengthened through relationship in the church cohorts.

The six course cycle would continue and allow new church members, volunteers, and ministers to continually have opportunity to engage in these foundational courses. As these members finish their 6 core courses they receive a Certificate of Christian Foundation and are given the opportunity to spin off into smaller groups, or mentoring relationships in order to continue their studies towards a Certificate of Ministry.


The structure is identical to the ways in which individuals may progress through their studies in the Certificate Program, but we would encourage church groups to move through the courses in order for the strongest experience.

  • CMP00 - Orientation and Formation (8 weeks)
  • CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation
  • CMP02 - Survey of the Old Testament
  • CMP03 - Survey of the New Testament
  • CMP04 - Introduction to Theology
  • CMP05 - Introduction to Church History

As church members finish these six core courses they would then be given opportunity to pursue further studies in more advanced and practically orientated studies related to Scripture, Theology, and Ministry.

Group Discounts
10-19 students 10% discount $225 per course
20+ students 15% discount $212.50 per course

30+ students Contact our office for price