Life Long Learning

Lifelong learning is the pre-graduation anticipation of what is often referred to as continuing education. The goal of the lifelong learning requirement is to prepare students for the process of continual learning throughout a lifetime in ministry. Master of Divinity students must complete 200 units of lifelong learning; MACM and MTS students must complete 132 units before graduating. The student may accumulate lifelong learning credits by attending events listed in the LLL online submission form. LLL credits must be turned in during the semester in which the activity occurs or credit will not be given. No curriculum credit is ascribed to these units, but the total number of required units must be completed as a prerequisite to earning the M.Div. degree. Students should also file their anticipated semester and year of graduation in the LLL online form. For graduating students, LLLs must be entered by the Monday before final exams begin. It is each student's responsibility to enter online the LLL events and credits correctly in the online submission form.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary