Life Long Learning

As a Truett Seminary student you will cultivate lifelong learning habits so you can continually sharpen your skills after your time at seminary is complete. An important component of your Truett education is the experience you will gain at conferences, seminars and workshops outside the seminary that will expose you to the cutting edge of ministry concerns as they take shape.


The mentoring program at Truett Seminary is an "apprenticeship" or "internship" program whereby the student is assigned to a ministry setting for the purpose of receiving hands-on experience and guidance in the day-to-day functions of ministry. The goal of the mentoring in ministry program is to provide seminary students with an intensive, four-to eight-month experience, under the tutelage and supervision of a trusted mentor, which will enable the student to become acquainted with the actual tasks and functions of ministry.

Covenant Groups & Spiritual Formation

Truett Seminary students must complete six semesters of participation in a spiritual formation or covenant group before graduating. Groups will meet on a regular basis and will be given readings and assignments associated with issues of spiritual formation. The focus of these groups will be growth in self-discovery, the practice of spiritual disciplines, worship, and discussion, all for the purpose of cultivating the kind of character, integrity, relational skills, and spiritual resources requisite for life in Christian ministry.

Seminar-style Classes

The seminar-style classes offered at Truett allow for rich dialogue and deep engagement between classmates who learn from and alongside the professor. Every student brings a unique perspective and worldview to the classroom. The seminar style classes at Truett allow students to interact deeply with one another and study the material in an on-going conversation of growth and learning. The student to professor ratio at Truett is 18:1, meaning small class sizes that are conducive for meaningful dialogue.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary