Online Resources

Truett Pulpit

The Truett Pulpit seeks to provide academically informed and ecclesiastically rich reflections on biblical texts from week to week that can jump-start weekly sermon preparation for ministers.

A variety of guest pastors, professors, preachers and other ministers are invited to share a series of reflections and practical tips for preaching particular texts. Subscribe to the site to receive notifications of new essays by email.

Preacher's Bookshelf

The Preacher’s Bookshelf is designed to help the pastor or minister make the most of limited resources and time for study by recommending valuable new publications.

Each academic semester, a Truett Seminary professor provides recommendations of several current books from his or her area of expertise and writes a short review with a synopsis of the book’s contents.

Preacher's Briefing

The Preacher’s Briefing combs through 30+ periodicals and journals looking for articles and stories which will inform and inspire the preacher, offering a brief synopsis of each article and a direct link so that you might go to it immediately to read it for yourself.

All of us know that there are many good periodicals and journals out there which could be helpful and enjoyable, but who among us has the time to search them out and read them all? Four times a year, the Preacher’s Briefing helps you to find useful articles and stories especially focused on the preaching task. To subscribe by email, send a request to The Kyle Lake Center for Effective Preaching.